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Look who’s talking: movie clips

Starring John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Bruce Willis. The romantic ups and downs of Mollie are viewed cynically by her talking newborn.

Kill Bill movie clips

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill stars Uma Thurman as the Bride, a former assassin who swears revenge on a group of assassins.

Bullitt (1968): Car chase

Bullitt is a 1968 American neo-noir action thriller film starring Steve McQueen as a San Francisco cop assigned to guard a star witness.

The Matrix Reloaded: Chase scene

Freedom fighters Neo, Trinity and Morpheus continue to lead the revolt against the Machine Army.

Sin City: movie clips

Directed by Robert Rodriguez. This violent crime noir paints the picture of the ultimate town without pity through the eyes of its roughest characters.