Privacy & Copyrights


GETUPANDGOTV (GTV) only uses (non-individualized) web analytics to monitor and improve the design and content of the website. Examples are: pageviews, session duration, new vs returning visitors, traffic sources and bounce rate.

When you message me via the contact form on this website I collect personal data including: name, email and any other information that you include in your request. I only use this information in relation to your inquiry and non-individualized analyses (e.g. to gain insight in the types and frequencies of request topics).


The contents (media, images & text) on GTV are gathered from official publishers on YouTube or free streaming services.

At all times the sources or credits are clearly mentioned, usually directly before the full movie, documentary or travel video is presented. Also, the owner of the content is clearly visible in the upper left corner of the embedded youtube video. Finally, the original publisher is mentioned in the tags related to the content. Music videos all originate from the artists themselves or official music publishers.

The descriptions of the movies, documentaries and travel videos are always taken from the original content provider. When descriptions are not available, plot summaries are clearly credited from one of the following sources: Wikipedia, IMDb or Prime Video.

GETUPANDGOTV (GTV) aims to operate on a win-win basis meaning that by presenting a great experience for its users, indirectly all content providers on GTV should benefit as well, either in terms of brand awareness, brand image or monetization (i.e. YouTube ads, subscriptions and physical media purchases).

Should there be questions regarding copyrights and credits please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will make the necessary adjustments. For example: give credits where credits are due, clarify, and remove content should copyrights unintentionally be violated.