What is it about?

A romantic comedy of errors set in the elegant grime of Montreal’s cafes, theatres, and bars following a struggling writer who must choose between the love he yearns for and the artistic success that he craves.

Why should I watch it?

  • Take a chance in romance!


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8.2 mln views. A young girl struggles to create a relationship with her father after the death of her aunt who raised her.

Shirin in Love

3 mln views. Despite being engaged for years, Shirin finds herself breaking loyalty and tradition when she falls in love with a mysterious man.

Love, Lost And Found 

7 mln views. Joey plans to propose to Claire at a picnic in the wilderness. Accidents separate them and Claire meets rescue volunteer Colt, her ex.

Gods and Monsters

Classic movie starring Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser. The last days of Frankenstein (1931) director James Whale are explored.