The Witcher (2001)

What is it about?

A film adaptation of the stories about The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski. Geralt of Rivia, like all witchers, makes his living by killing monsters on contract. However, this life, as simple as the blades of the two swords he carries, changes when he accidentally saves the lives of the ruler of Cintra – Calanthe and her daughter Pavetta, who has magical abilities. From now on, he will always live in the shadow of the famous Law of Surprise – “something a person does not expect to find at home when he returns.”

Why should I watch it?

  • It’s the original Witcher!
  • More than 2.4 million views since 31 aug 2020
  • More than 14K likes

Full Movie (by Polisch Cinema)


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