Instruction manual

Step 1: pick a category

Use the categories in each section of the menu (all movies, music videos, travel ideas, documentaries) to narrow down your search. For example, for ‘movies’ you can choose categories such as: Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Horror, etcetera.

If you want to search more creatively use the tags at the start of each content item.

Step 2: add subtitles

Turn on the subtitles on YouTube or Plex by clicking the subtitle icon at the bottom of the video. Go to the options icon next to the subtitle icon to pick the language and font size.

Step 3: cast to tv

Open the YouTube or Plex app on both your smart TV and your phone or tablet. Select the video that you want to watch and tap ‘cast’ in the video player. Choose the smart TV that you want to cast to, and wait for it to connect.