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Wonders of the World

World’s most beautiful railway: the Bernina Express

No other railway in the world overcomes such steep gradients and winds through such steep curves without the help of a cogwheel.

Man-Made Wonders of the World

Here’s a look at our list of the greatest man-made wonders of the world.

100 Landmarks of the world

The Kiddopedia team brings you 100 famous landmarks in the world.

Yakutsk: the coldest city in the world

I'm in the coldest city on the planet; Yakutsk, which is in Yakutia / Siberia / Russia. The lowest air temperature ever recorded here is -96°F (-71°C).

Dubai Travel Guide: 15 experiences you must do

Dubai is the world record breaking city in the UAE that's known for luxury lifestyles but this city isn't as shallow as it may seem.

Vatican City: Saint Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel

Saint Peter's Basilica is a church built in the Renaissance style located in Vatican City, the papal enclave that is within the city of Rome, Italy.

France: inside Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, this magical island topped with a medieval skyscraper has been a holy place since the year 708.

Algeria: the amazing Sahara

Six days deep into the heart of the Sahara, into one of the most picturesque parts of the desert: Tassili n'Ajjer National Park of Algeria.

Cambodia: Angkor Wat

The Guinness World Records considers it as the largest religious structure in the world.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

The cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan.

Yanjin City: the narrowest city in the world

Although Yanjin was quite popular on YouTube and Instagram, it remains quite unknown in China.

The Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice

This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice.

15 Unbelievable Places that Actually Exist

The places in today's video are not from some distant planet, they are places that exist here on Earth.