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Off the beaten path

Azores. The green wonder of Atlantic.

4.8 mln views. We will travel to San Miguel, Faial, Flores Islands and see what the largest endemic collection of plants and birds in the world looks like.

Route 66 – 66 Ghost Towns & Abandoned Places

I traveled across Route 66 (twice) in Oct and Nov of 2023 filming ghost towns and abandoned places. This video contains my favorite 66 spots.

Ethiopia’s delicious and super cheap street food!!

Sonny visits Ethiopia’s big flavor market and reviews delicious street food.

Danube delta in Romania: everyday life in a village

Most of the people that live here are self sufficient and live off whatever the Delta or their own gardens offer.

Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum desert, Dead sea

Jordan is not only home to one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Petra, but the Wadi Rum desert is also an unforgettable experience.

West England

The quintessence of charming England is the “West Country”: quaint Cotswold villages with their fine churches, manor homes, and gastropubs.

Journey Through Palestine

Palestine means a lot of different things to many people, and may not be the most obvious travel destination.

Afghanistan is not what you think?

From the bustling streets of Kabul to the tranquil villages nestled in the mountains, this video takes you on a journey through Afghanistan.

Iceland: the strangest country in the world?

Curious facts about Iceland's history, geography, landscapes, culture, traditions, customs, how they live, what to see, and much more.

Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries in the world though it's comparably tiny.

Uzbekistan – This Country will Surprise You!

Since 2016 Uzbekistan changed so much you wouldn't recognize it. It's like a different country now.

Top 10 best tourist places in North Korea

North Korea constitutes the northern half of the Korean Peninsula and borders China and Russia to the north and South Korea to the south.

Nobody Visits This Country…Find Out Why

Moldova is the least visited country in Europe. And so I came to its capital city Kishinev to see why.

Life in a small town in the far east of Russia

My hometown Spassk-Dalny: I’ll tell you about the city’s geography, about its past and its present, and maybe about its future.

Bhutan: trekking & things to do

I got the chance to travel around Bhutan to explore monasteries, fortresses, temples, the food, traditions, even the nightlife.

Most beautiful mountain towns in Colorado

The vast Rocky Mountains draw in visitors looking for a laidback vacation with amazing culture and attractions.

Astana, capital of Kazakhstan: Super modern city

Astana went from a small town to a large metropolis and the capital of Kazakhstan. The city is super modern and has lots to offer.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Gigantic fjords and over 5,000 small islands: In Alaska's south there's a lot of wilderness and little civilization.

Vladivostok in 4K: City, People and Sights.

Vladivostok is in the Far East of Russia. Not a city that everybody goes to. Which makes this video even more interesting to watch.

Iran: traveling by train

Iran is opening its doors to foreigners and a train ride from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea is a great way to get to know the country and its people.

Azerbaijan: Baku, the capital

Baku has come a long way over the last 20 years. Now it's a world class capital city.

Journey Through Ethiopia

From spectacular mountain landscapes and national parks to vast lakes and mysterious deserts. From incredible wildlife to intriguing historic landmarks.

By train across Sri Lanka

The “Main Line” cuts through tea plantations and jungle, then passes Buddhist temples and relicts of the British Empire.